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Learn free how to predict a major Earthquake 6R and over! You don’t have to be a scientist or a seismologist to predict a major Earthquake! Our way is based on the observation of 3 signs on the earthquake live catalog of U.S. Geological Survey and it’s a wonderful exercise for your mind!

*This prediction method is purely based on the observation of the 3 Signs (3 anomalies) on an Earthquake Continuity, the:

  1. 2HDMS (anomaly on magnitudes): 2 times Higher Difference on Magnitudes =/> +/- 0.5R (we compare the magnitude of the current Earthquake and the magnitude of the previous Earthquake. If they have a difference =/> +/- 0.5R, that’s a HDM -High Difference on Magnitudes-). The HDM must manifest 2 times to give us the 2HDMS sign. When the 2HDMS sign manifest, we expect a ME (Main Earthquake =/>6R) in next minutes to 8 days maximum. (Very seldom manifest the 4thHD Rule). We Predict the magnitude of the upcoming ME with the Types TMEX and TMEX & SRHD ( Find them on No16, page “How to create “THE GREEK SYSTEM TABLE” for Earthquake Prediction =/> 6R. STEP BY STEP.”)
  2. SRHD (anomaly on depths): Sliding Rule of High Depth, it’s a silent sign that usually people ignore. They shouldn’t because the moving Energy on depths =/> 100km carries such power as it was carrying when it left the area close to the earth’s crust and will return to the earth’s crust after a while, with the same magnitude with the predicted on previous ME. When we see a depth =/> 100km on a ME or a 1, or after ME & 1, we expect the manifestation of a 2HDMS or a ME in next 0 to 8 days maximum. If not (very seldom), we use the 4thHD Rule.
  3. 4thHD Rule (anomaly on time of manifestation): If the 2HDMS or the ME we had predicted are OUT of the Predicted Time Limits, we search for the 4thHD Rule. When we don’t have the expected manifestation after a TMEX & SRHD, SRHD or 2HDMS, on the 98% of cases there are too many HD (High Depths) on our Earthquake Continuity (and that’s the reason of the delay). So, we go back to the previous ME and we start watching the HD. We find the 4th HD and we put 4thHD. From this point, we expect just a ME manifestation in next 0 to 12 days maximum. If not (2%), it’s one of the two extremely rare cases. The 4thHD shows that a =/> 6R Earthquake (ME) will manifest in next 0 to 12 days maximum. The Rmin-Rmax of the upcoming ME, it’s same with the prediction we made on previous ME for next ME with the Types TMEX and TMEX & SRHD. As we said, sometimes there is a slower manifestation of a new ME, caused by the movement of the Energy for a long time on High Depths (4thHD Rule), but even on such a case the Time Limits are very strict and we expect manifestation of a ME after the 4thHD manifestation in next 0 to 12 days. If not, that’s an extremely rare and bad sign for an upcoming manifestation of an earthquake with magnitude =/> 8R. (See rare cases 1 & 2)

On the USGS website we see this answer to the question “Can you predict earthquakes?”:Neither the USGS nor any other scientists have ever predicted a major earthquake. We do not know how, and we do not expect to know how any time in the foreseeable future…“.

It’s time to show you how we predict a major Earthquake!

As it looks stupidly easy to predict a major Earthquake with just 3 signs (and we know that), before we publish the “Greek System”, we have tried to check it out by ourselves and find these 3 signs on ~8000-Earthquake Continuity of U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Catalog. It was IN the Predictions 98%, when the 2% was each time one of the 2 Extremely Rare Cases. That’s why we share this new prediction method with you, and we take the great “risk”, to make our Predictions Live (You realize of course how momentous a Live Prediction is, as well as the consequences for us). Let’s leave the facts to speak for themselves and time will show us if the prediction of a major Earthquake was such simple at all… !!! If our Predictions are correct, this will be the proof that you are missing something on the understanding about the Energy on Earth. Let’s do it! Enjoy!

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