A new major Earthquake 6R-7.3R is coming in the next days

A new major Earthquake 6R-7.3R is coming in the next days. We have got the anomaly on the Depths. See here:

2) The Manifestation of the 1.
M 5.0 – Vanuatu region (in the Predicted Magnitude Limits for 1). Time: 2018-10-09 20:27:02 (UTC)  (in the Predicted Time Limits for 1), Depth: 608.6 km


That’s the SRHD Sign (Sliding Rule of High Depth)! The second most powerful Sign after the 2HDMS. The Depth here is 608.6 km (High Depth is =/> 100km). So, we can predict. We expect in next minutes to 8 days maximum (from 09/10/18 till 17/10/18 – Time Limits) the manifestation of the 2HDMS Sign (Second High Difference on Magnitudes =/> +/- 0.5R) or a New ME (Main Earthquake =/> 6R). If the ME manifest will have magnitude from 6R to 7.3R maximum (Magnitude Limits).

Parallel (because of the OFPTL Sign on 19/8/18, the RTM8 Sign on 28/8/18, the M7.9 Earthquake on 6/9/18 & the M7.5 Earthquake on 28/9/18) we expect in next minutes to ~4 months maximum (from 28/9/18 to ~28/1/19 – Time Limits) the monster Earthquake =/> 8R which will have magnitude from 8R to 9.2R maximum (Magnitude Limits), (Except if we see an Earthquake with magnitude 7.5R to 7.9R maximum, or a big volcanic Eruption, or a major Earthquake =/> 7R on a Ridge on Depth =/< 10km. Every Earthquake 7.5R to 7.9R maximum can cause Time Delay on the manifestation of the =/> 8R from 0 to 4 months maximum. Till the =/> 8R manifestation, it’s normal to keep watching more Earthquakes with higher magnitudes than normal & Time Delays on the manifestations and we must see an Earthquake 7.5R to 7.9R every 0 to ~4 months maximum after the OFPTL until the =/> 8R)
Read more: https://predict-earthquake.com/live-predictions-for-pacific/

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