A new major earthquake 6R to 7.7R is coming in Pacific’s BB till 17/8/18.

A new major earthquake 6R to 7.7R (magnitude limits) is coming in Pacific’s BB till 17/8/18 (time limits).

That’s the last update as we are watching the earthquake continuity in the Pacific’s Big Basin.

20) M 5.9 – 264km SSW of Severo-Kuril’sk, RussiaTime: 2018-08-10 18:12:05 (UTC), Depth: 15.8 km.

Day 1 after the powerful 2HDMS Sign. We expect in next minutes to 7 days maximum (till 17/8/18 – Time Limits) a New ME (Main Earthquake =/> 6R), with magnitude from 6R to 7.7R maximum (Magnitude Limits). We don’t expect NOTHING ELSE than the major Earthquake (The 4thHD manifest very seldom).”

Read more at predict-earthquake.com , Live predictions for Pacific: https://predict-earthquake.com/live-using-the-greek-system-on-the-usgs-live-earthquake-list-predicting-what-when-with-what-magnitude-if-the-prediction-is-for-a-me-main-earthquake-6r/


The “Greek System” it’s a new forecasting system for upcoming major earthquakes 6R and over. Based purely on the observation, and predict major earthquakes just with 3 signs (3 anomalies on the Magnitude/Depth & Time Continuities) of the U.S Geological Survey live earthquake catalog.