Level 3 (easy)- TGS Logic Games Finding the HD (High Depth =/> 100km)

Welcome to Level 3! 

Here we will play and we will learn how to recognize the High Depths (HD =/> 100km) on the USGS list! It’s an easy game but, keeps your mind fit! Enjoy!


Let’s play! Good Luck!!!


Level 3 – Game 1 – TGS Logic Games 

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Well done! You just learned how to recognize a HD (High Depth =/> 100km)

Let’s play again the game, but this time our game will have and some Pink Lines. You have to find again all the Earthquakes which have Depth 100km and over but be careful! You have to ignore all the Pink Lines!



Level 3 – Game 2 – TGS Logic Games

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Level 3 – Game 3 – TGS Logic Games

Basic Rules:

1) Find all the High Depths in the second column (Depth) which are on 100km and over & fill the cell with Red Color.

2) In the third column (High Depth), just next to the  High Depth you found, put the letters HD (means High Depth). Fill the cell with Red Color.

3) Ignore the High Depths of the Pink lines!

(Click on the XLS File. You will download the Game 1 automatically. Open the file. Click on the top of the file “Enable Editing”. Then Zoom in/out. You must have 100% Zoom -You can Zoom In/Out, with the bar on the right side of the excel file-. After that, move the file with the cursor, to see your game (It’s the table on the left). Then click on the icon “Fill Color”. Choose from the “Standard Colors” the Red Color. Then, go to the column “Depth”. When you find a HD, just click on the “Fill Color” icon and it will fill the cell automatically. Do the same for the HD’s cell on the “High Depth”  column.  If you make a mistake, don’t worry. You can click first on the cell, on the HD with the wrong color. Then you click on the icon “Fill Color” and choose “No Fill”, and the cell gets white again. You can change the colors as many times you want, by the icon “Fill Color”. On the right side of the XLS File, you will find the correct answers.-)



Level 3 Game 1 & answers on the right side


Click here to open Game 3: 

Level 3 – Game 3 – TGS Logic Games by ANNA G.



Look the image below. It’s the “Greek System’s Table”. If you found the correct answers on the previous Games, now you can recognize by your own the High Depths! ⇓

Base TGS Logic Games



That’s it! We are ready now for Level 4! Yes!

Level 4  ⇒