Level 5 (easy) – TGS Logic Games – Finding the “ME” Earthquakes (Main Earthquakes =/> 6R).

Welcome to Level 5!

Here we will play and learn how to recognize the ME Earthquakes! What’s a “ME Earthquake”? It’s a “Main Earthquake” with magnitude 6R and over. Why we call it “Main Earthquake”? Because we based on its magnitude to predict the magnitude of the next ME (to predict the magnitude of the next major Earthquake =/> 6R).


Basic Rule:

Find all the Magnitudes 6R and over.


Good Luck!!!


Level 5 – Game 1 – TGS Logic Games.

On this game, you will see some numbers. Are the magnitudes of some Earthquakes in Richter. You have to find all the ME Earthquakes. Select “True” if it’s a ME Earthquake and “False” if it’s not. Let’s go!

(ME: Any Earthquake with magnitude 6R and over)

That’s a ME Earthquake…

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Well done!!! Easy, right? Let’s make it a little bit harder 🙂 🙂 🙂


Level 5 – Game 2 – TGS Logic Games.

On this game you will see some Magnitude Continuities. Each time, you have to find out if there is a ME Earthquake in the continuity. Ignore the Pink Lines!

Good Luck!!!


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You made it!!! Bravo!!! Now you can recognize on the “Greek System Table” and the USGS list a ME Earthquake!!! You deserve two more Tips 🙂 🙂

Tip 1: When you create by your own the Greek System’s Table, find all the ME Earthquakes at once, enlarge the numbers and fill the cell with a different color.

Tip 2: When you find a ME Earthquake on the Greek System’s Table, on the same time fill the cell on the column (on the right side of ME Earthquake) next to the magnitude with a big ME. This will make your life easier, when when you will searching for “1” (1st Earthquake after the ME) and the 2HDMS (Two times High Difference between Magnitudes =/> +/- 0.5R). See the image below. Now, you can recognize the columns “Date & Time”, “Place”, “Depth”, “High Depth”, “Up & Down” & “Magnitude”! Have a look!


Manual of THE GREEK SYSTEM by Anna G.


Amazing, huh? You are playing easy games but at the end, you will be able to predict by yourself a major Earthquake! Are you ready for the next Level?

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