Level 6 (easy) – TGS Logic Games – The ME (Main Earthquake) & the 1 (1st Earthquake after a ME) Signs on the Greek System’s Table

Welcome to Level 6!!!

Here we will play and learn how to recognize the “1” Earthquake.


What’s the “1 Earthquake”?

It’s the first Earthquake after a ME (after a Main Earthquake =/> 6R. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 ME before the manifestation of 1).


How we recognize the 1?

Usually, it has Magnitude from 5R to 5.9R (Don’t forget that Earthquakes with Magnitude 6R and over are ME).

Specific, if the Magnitude of the Previous ME was from:

1) 6R to 7.7R, the 1’s Magnitude will be  5R to 5.9R (manifestation in next minutes to ~24 hours max.)

2) 7.8R  5.1R to 5.9R              (min. to ~24h max.)

3) 7.9R  5.2R to 5.9R              (min. to ~24h max.)

4) 8R to 8.4R ⇒ 5R to 5.9R      (min. to ~24h max.)

5) 8.5R ⇒ 5.1R to 5.9R              (min. to ~24h max.)

6) 8.6R ⇒ 5.2R to 5.9R              (min. to ~24h max.)

7) 8.7R ⇒ 5.3R to 5.9R              (min. to ~24h max.)

8) 8.8R ⇒ 5.4R to 5.9R              (min. to ~24h max.)

9) 8.9R ⇒ 5.5R to 5.9R              (min. to ~24h max.)

10) 9R ⇒ 5.4R to 5.9R               (min. to ~24h max.)

11) 9.1R ⇒ 5.5R to 5.9R            (min. to ~24h max.)

12) 9.2R ⇒ 5.6R to 5.9R            (min. to ~24h max.)

13) 9.3R ⇒ 5.7R to 5.9R            (min. to ~24h max.)

14) 9.4R ⇒ 5.8R to 5.9R            (min. to ~24h max.)


Why is important to find the 1 Earthquake and be IN the “Predicted Magnitude & Time Limits”?

Because 1 shows us that the Energy it’s in a normal state. After a ME (Main Earthquake =/> 6R), the Magnitudes between ME and 1 have usually a big difference. That’s normal but we don’t count that difference on our earthquake continuity. We start watching an earthquake continuity from 1 if we want to make correct & specific predictions. If our 1 Earthquake or the previous ME Earthquake were not manifested on a HD (High Depth =/> 100km), we start using the Magnitude of the 1 Earthquake, to predict what will manifest and when. Click on the image below and you will understand why it’s so important to recognize the 1 Earthquake.



Let’s play! Good Luck!!!


Level 6 – Game 1 – TGS Logic Games – Find the 1 Earthquake


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Well done!!! Let’s make it a little bit harder! 


Level 6 – Game 2 – TGS Logic Games – Find ALL the 1 Earthquakes


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Well done!!! Here is your gift! 

The game you’ve just played was a real Earthquake Continuity! On the 3 images below, you will see all the ME & the 1 Earthquakes you just found! Don’t forget that we exclude always the Pink Lines! Remember, ME & 1 Earthquakes are the most important Earthquakes on an Earthquake Contuinity. The ME (Main Earthquake =/> 6R) it’s important because, based on its magnitude we predict the “Magnitude Limits” of the next major Earthquake (which is a ME =/> 6R) & 1 (The first Earthquake after a ME) because it’s the first Earthquake which we are using its magnitude as we start searching for the 2HDMS Sign (2 times Higher Difference on Magnitudes =/> +/- 0.5R)




That’s it! We are finished with Level 6! Are you ready for the next Level?

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