Manifested. M6.0 Indonesia. A new major earthquake 6R to 7.9 is coming.

Manifested. M6.0 Indonesia. A new major earthquake is coming.

11) M 6.0 – 30km SSW of Nggongi, Indonesia. Time: 2018-10-02 00:16:43 (UTC), Depth: 10.0 km.

The manifestation of the Predicted major Earthquake. It’s IN the predicted Time (from 30/9/18 till 8/10/18  Time Limits) & Magnitude Limits (6R to 7.9R maximum). 

We knew that was coming the major Earthquake from Earthquake No1 (because manifested the SRHD sign, see Earthquake No1).

We start over watching the Earthquake continuity. So, the next major Earthquake, based on the magnitude of the current Earthquake & the previous Earthquake Activity*, will have magnitude from 6R to 7.9R maximum (Magnitude Limits). We will search now for the 3 Signs (the 2HDMS, the SRHD, or the 4thHD) to predict the Time Limits. We will search also for the 1 Earthquake (First Earthquake after this major Earthquake with magnitude 5R to 5.9R * After a Major Earthquake follows always a 1 or a ME in ~24h max., and in ~3 days it’s usual to see a second major Earthquake. If the 2nd ME (Main Earthquake =/> 6R) manifest in these ~3 days, will have magnitude Limits from 6R to 7.9R. If the 1 manifest, we have a normal Earthquake continuity, and we start searching for the Signs. If the ME manifest we start over).

Till now 46/46 correct predictions.

Parallel (because of the OFPTL Sign on 19/8/18, the RTM8 Sign on 28/8/18, the M7.9 Earthquake on 6/9/18 & the M7.5 Earthquake on 28/9/18) we expect in next minutes to ~4 months maximum (from 28/9/18 to ~28/1/19 – Time Limits) the monster Earthquake =/> 8R which will have magnitude from 8R to 9.2R maximum (Magnitude Limits), (Except if we see an Earthquake with magnitude 7.5R to 7.9R maximum, or a big volcanic Eruption, or a major Earthquake =/> 7R on a Ridge on Depth =/< 10km. Every Earthquake 7.5R to 7.9R maximum can cause Time Delay on the manifestation of the =/> 8R from 0 to 4 months maximum. Till the =/> 8R manifestation, it’s normal to keep watching more Earthquakes with higher magnitudes than normal & Time Delays on the manifestations and we must see an Earthquake 7.5R to 7.9R every 0 to ~4 months maximum after the OFPTL until the =/> 8R)

* The M6.0 it’s a very low magnitude and it’s a “sliding” (read the previous comments about the 3 moving Energies). We have 3 moving Energies in the Pacific’s BB with real power =/> 6.7R. Be careful people, because a new major Earthquake, with a really high magnitude, will be manifested very soon from the next minutes to the next days. Even if we don’t have yet none of the 3 Signs, when we expect a M6.0 (R minimum) – M7.9 (R maximum) Earthquake & a second one =/> 8R, a M6.0 it’s a sliding and it’s also a bad sign by itself for an upcoming Earthquake with a really high magnitude (remember the M6.1 at Indonesia few days ago, before the M7.5). We have a massive empowerment of the Energy in the Pacific’s BB, it’s extremely dangerous, and it didn’t over yet the phenomenon. Please be careful.

Anna G.

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