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Dear reader,
I am the publisher and I have the copyrights of “Who Cares” project, “Pentalogy: The Leader of Third Dimension & the God Particle/ Volume I: The initiation of Hellenas into the secrets of Energy & Real Physics”. It’s a huge project that analyzes the Energy in the Universe. There is amain Theory that describes the “72 Stages of the Energy Concentration” and shows us how the Energy acts/forms/looks like, what’s its characteristics & its properties on each stage, from the “Universal Energy” to the formed “Black Holes”. Then focuses on the microsystems (our solar system, planets of our solar system, planets’ satellites and especially planet earth) and analyzes what is happening in each different case. He describes the natural phenomena, the volcanoes, the mountains, the oceans etc. and gives answers why, when & how they form. As he was trying to explain to us, how the Energy forms & acts on the universe and especially on earth, he developed some mathematical types, laws & rules that can be used on some simple systems, developed also by him, to predict manifestations such as earthquakes =/> 6R (by using the scientific evidences of USGS), or a Volcano Eruption (by using the scientific evidences of USGS and Volcano Discovery), or when a tropical cyclone
will turn into a hurricane (by using the scientific evidence of Ventusky and Space Launch/ Airstrikes data) etc… He calls his project “science fiction”. But, if it’s a “science fiction” project, why does he uses so strictly the scientific evidence and develop laws/rules/types & “prediction systems” that work? That’s the first question. The second question is “Who is the right person to study his project and tell us if it has a point or not?”. I am not, that’s why I decided to share with you, without accepting or declining “Who Cares” project. Let’s see what we have.

In his project, there is a chapter with the title, “Laws/Rules & Types for an earthquake manifestation”, with three parts:

Part I: The Greek System. Prediction of the Time of manifestation & the Magnitude for an upcoming earthquake =/> 6R
Part II: The Cretan System. Prediction of the Time of manifestation, the Magnitude & the 1 to 5 Specific Locations that are in danger of the upcoming earthquake of =/> 6R
Part III: The US System. Watching the earthquakes continuity. When we are sure that the moving Energy that manifests earthquakes, has lost its power and it’s not dangerous anymore.

In this Manual, we will see the “Part I: The Greek System. Prediction of the Time of manifestation & the Magnitude for an upcoming earthquake =/> 6R”.
Before we start, I want to share with you something more. When I got “Who Cares’” project, I was trying to find out if there was a scientific way until now, to predict earthquakes. I found this answer on
“Can you predict earthquakes?
No. Neither the USGS nor any other scientists have ever predicted a major earthquake. We do not know how, and we do not expect to know how any time in the foreseeable future. An earthquake prediction must define 3 elements: 1) the date and time, 2) the location and 3) the magnitude.
Yes, some people say they can predict earthquakes, but here are the reasons why their statements are false:
They are not based on scientific evidence, and earthquakes are part of a scientific process. For example, earthquakes have nothing to do with clouds,
bodily aches, and pains or slugs. They do not define all 3 of the elements required for a prediction.
They do not define all 3 of the elements required for a prediction.
Their predictions are so general that there will always be an earthquake that fits; such as, (a) There will be a M4 earthquake somewhere in the U.S.
in the next 30 days. (b) There will be a M2 earthquake on the west coast of the U.S. today.
If an earthquake happens to occur that remotely fits their prediction, they claim success even though 1-3 of the predicted elements
is wildly different than what occurred, therefore a failed prediction.
Predictions (by non-scientists) usually start swirling around social media when something happens that is thought to be a precursor to an earthquake in the near future. The so-called precursor is often a swarm of small earthquakes, increasing amounts of radon in local water, unusual behavior of animals, increasing size of magnitudes in moderate size events, or a moderate-magnitude event rare enough to suggest that it may be a foreshock. Unfortunately, most such precursors frequently occur without being followed by an earthquake, so a real prediction is not possible. Instead, if there is a scientific basis, a forecast may be made in probabilistic terms. To learn what a probability is and how they work, see the FAQ under Seismic HazardsMaps, Probabilities, and EQ Engineering – Are earthquake probabilities or forecasts the same as prediction?…”.

When I read this article, I was really wondering if I have to share with you his “Prediction Systems”, because he doesn’t use only the basic rules for a prediction “An earthquake prediction must define 3 elements: 1) the date and time, 2) the location, and 3) the magnitude.” & “…based on scientific evidence and earthquakes are part of a scientific process…” but except the 1) the date and time, 2) the location, and 3) the magnitude, he uses on “The Greek System” two more elements by the USGS list, a) the depth (specific the high depths =/> 100km) and b) the magnitudes difference (difference =/> +/- 0.5R) on previous and current earthquake, on the earthquakes with magnitude 5R to 5.9R as a sign of an upcoming earthquake with magnitude =/> 6R in next 0 to 8 days maximum) to predict specifically what will manifest, when & with what magnitude.
On “The Cretan System” where he predicts except the Time & the Magnitude, also 1 to 5 maximum specific Locations that will be manifest the =/> 6R earthquake, he uses also a) the map & list of USGS to see the movement of the Energy, measure the angle – see the area which is in the dangerous zone for the next manifestation & b) the earthquakes data on csv form, that gives information about the previous magnitudes & the “Local’s Basin Energy Capacity”. So, on his Systems, he uses strictly the scientific evidence and nothing else. As I’m not an earthquakes’ specialist, but just a curious person and as there was not another way to see if “Who Cares'” System had a point (because analyzes his types/laws & rules on his hand-writtings with all the scientific details but, his project is not on a digital form) so, my next step was to use his types/laws & rules on two random periods
(1/1/1988-5/1/1990 & 1/1/2015-31/12/2017), to see myself the results, on almost 8000 earthquakes of USGS data. The facts speak for themselves and I have nothing else to say. Have a look at the laws, the types, the rules & the two samples. The general idea of the “Greek System” is to predict correctly What will manifest, When, and with What Magnitude (if your prediction is for a major Earthquake =/> 6R), by finding the previous major Earthquake (Previous ME – Main Earthquake =/> 6R), and 3 “Manifestation Signs”, the 2HDMS, the SRHD & the 4thHD. You will find here many examples, images, graphics & games for an easier understanding. When you understand how the “Greek System” works, choose the dates you want, USE by yourself the 17 laws/types & rules and make your own predictions. When you get used to recognizing the signs, you will not need “The Greek System” anymore to make your predictions. You will make your predictions in a minute just by looking at the map & list of earthquakes on USGS and you will predict “what” will manifest, the Time & the Magnitude Limits. Enjoy!

Anna Giakoumaki



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