TGS Logic Games Coming Soon by ANNA G.

Welcome to the TGS Logic Games!!!

There is no better and easier way to learn something than through games! So, ANNA G. has developed the next games for you in an effort to better understand of the Theory of “Who Cares”, in relation to forecasting major Earthquakes. By playing the following games you will learn to:

– Create the “Greek System’s Table” step by step.

– Recognize the “signs” on the USGS list for Earthquakes & the “Greek System’s Table”.

-Familiarize yourself with what each sign predicts and the Types/ Rules & Laws of the Greek System

– Use by your self the Types/ Rules & Laws of the Greek System and make easily your own predictions of “what” will manifest, “when” will manifest & “with what magnitude” (if your prediction is about a major Earthquake).


You do not need to be a Scientist or a Seismologist to use this forecasting system and predict a major earthquake! 

This system is based purely on the observation of the signs! Did you know that “Sciences” began by the Ancient Greek Philosophers, almost 2000 years ago, just by observation?  The Greek System it’s a simple system that observes past Earthquakes and, based on these scientific data, predicts what will manifest in the near future.


“To the Greeks, philosophy meant a love of wisdom. Philosophy and science were identical. The Greeks were concerned with the origin of things and from that knowledge they wanted to build up a right way of life. Their answers were sometimes inadequate and often wrong. It was the quality of their minds which they brought to their inquiries that was of great importance. They had a passionate desire to know the truth about living things. They had the power of going beyond superstitions and of seeing things as they truly were. These scientific philosophers were open-minded and willing to accept new truths and were patient students and observers. They had a strong desire to learn the unknown through reasoning from the known, which was acquired through experience. It was not enough to know that something existed; it was also necessary to find out why it existed…”                                                                  


Why we share with you the Greek System and the TGS Logic Games? 

For two reasons.

The first reason is that we love people and if we could help them just a little, to keep them safer and happier in this world, we would be very glad.

The second reason is that we can’t keep for ourselves this valuable knowledge which we truly believe that could save human lives. But as we understand that the capabilities of each one of us come up to a point, we decided to share this scarce project with you.  If you search on the internet, you will see that there is not another way or another system worldwide till now that can predict a major Earthquake. That’s why the “Greek System” it’s a scarce System. As “Who Cares” has developed “The Greek System” and ANNA G. took the baton to write/publish his Theory and develop the TGS Logic Games in her turn, we are sure that someone among you -a genius- will receive the Greek System and will lead this knowledge to the next level, in developing an electronic application that will predict a major Earthquake in seconds! Now, the prediction of an upcoming major Earthquake took some minutes for the “Experts”, just by looking at the USGS earthquake list. When you finished the TGS Logic Games, you will be an “Expert” too. You will predict when a major earthquake will manifest in few minutes, without the need to create the “Greek System’s Table”, you will do it just by looking at the USGS earthquake list!


Before you start playing, remember that:

Go step by step! When you fully understand a “Level” and have success 100% on your answers, then you are ready to continue. If not, play again until you make it. Don’t be afraid! The TGS Logic Games are stupidly easy and funny! You will make it for sure!



Are you ready to start playing?

Let’s Go! 

* When you finish “Level 1”, continue to the next Levels with the same way. You will find the Basic Rules of each TGS Logic Game, on the top of each page. When you finished, just close the page 🙂


Good Luck & Enjoy!



Click on the links below:  


Level 1: Level 1 (easy) – TGS Logic Games Color the correct dates


Level 2: Level 2 (medium)- TGS Logic Games Learning how to recognize a location if belongs to the earthquakes continuity.


Level 3: Level 3 (easy)- TGS Logic Games Finding the HD (High Depth =/> 100km)


Level 4: Level 4 (easy)- TGS Logic Games Watching the Energy’s Movement between Earth’s Crust & Core.


Level 5: Level 5 (easy) – TGS Logic Games – Finding the “ME” Earthquakes (Main Earthquakes =/> 6R).


Level 6: Level 6 (easy) – TGS Logic Games – The ME (Main Earthquake =/> 6R) & THE 1 (1ST Earthquake after a ME) Signs on the Greek System’s Table.


Level 7: (Coming soon…)


Level 8: (Coming soon…)


Level 9: (Coming soon…)


Level 10: (Coming soon…)


Level 11: (Coming soon…)


Level 12: (Coming soon…)


Level 13: (Coming soon…)


Level 14: (Coming soon…)


Level 15: (Coming soon…)


Level 16:(Coming soon…)


Level 17: (Coming soon…)


Level 18: (Coming soon…)


Level 19: (Coming soon…)


Level 20: (Coming soon…)


Level 21: (Coming soon…)








The Opsidianos Publications Team.


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