The manifestation of the Predicted major Earthquake. A =/> 7R is coming in the Pacific’s BB.

3) M 6.1 – 17km N of Golfito, Costa Rica. Time: 2018-08-17 23:22:25 (UTC), Depth: 15.9 km. 

The manifestation of the Predicted major Earthquake 🙁  It’s IN the predicted Time (from 17/8/18 to 25/8/18 maximum) & Magnitude Limits (6R to 7.8R maximum). 

We knew that was coming the major Earthquake from Earthquake No1 (because manifested the SRHD sign, see Earthquake No1).

We start over watching the Earthquake continuity. So, the next major Earthquake, based on the magnitude of the current Earthquake & the previous Earthquake Continuity*, will have magnitude from 6R to 7.9R maximum (Magnitude Limits). We will search now for the 3 Signs (the 2HDMS, the SRHD, or the 4thHD) to predict the Time Limits. We will search also for the 1 Earthquake (First Earthquake after this major Earthquake with magnitude 5R to 5.9R * After a Major Earthquake follows always a 1 or a ME in ~24h max., and in ~3 days it’s usual to see a second major Earthquake. If the 1 manifest, we have a normal Earthquake continuity, and we are starting searching for the Signs. If the ME manifest we start over).

Till now 12/12 correct predictions.

* The real power of the moving Energy in the Pacific’s BB at the moment it’s =/> 7R. We don’t “trust” the M6.1 earthquake at Costa Rica, because as we are watching the moving Energy almost 2 months, we saw an hyperactivity in last 3 weeks (too many earthquakes over 6R in a very short period) and the R maximums were often from 7.7R to 7.9R. This fact shows us that the earthquake should have at least 7R power, and not a magnitude close to R minimum (6R). We believe that the earthquake at Costa Rica it’s a “Sliding” and we will see next days an even massive earthquake. We didn’t see also a volcanic eruption or a massive earthquake on a ridge to say that the massive moving Energy has lost some of its power. See also the Depth of the current earthquake, it’s 15.9 km. On the previous post we wrote: “Watch the moving Energy as it is moving “Up” (from the Earth’s core to the Earth’s crust)…”. It was moving upwards. Nothing is random with the Energy which manifest a massive Earthquake. 

Anna G.

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